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You can use this page to practise the spellings for your year group.  Sometimes your teacher might even set you a test.


Just use the boxes below to enter the login details that are stuck into the front of your reading record or homework book.


When you have logged in you will see an orange box that says spellings - you can click on this and, on the left hand side you can choose the 'practise' drop down menu which choose a list from any of the year group folders to practise under 'all spellings' or just the ones specific to your year group under 'my spellings'.


If your teacher has set you a test then you will see it in the 'test mode' section on the left and you can also see the results of any tests you have taken in the 'results' section.


Finally there is a 'Brain Train' section - this will store the spellings that you got wrong in any of your tests and help you to practise them until you know them better.