Learning for Life Together with God’s Love


Teacher: Miss Rachel Bowron

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Julia Grunill, Miss Jan Highmore, Mrs Lin Nightingale

Off with Her Head!

This term our work is linked to the Tudors.  We started in 1485 with the battle of Bosworth when King Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor who then became Henry VII.

On the 18th of June, the children visited the birthplace of William Shakespeare.  The trip will be used as inspiration for writing.

The children had a great time so we are looking forward to lots of amazing writing!


Firedamp and Davy Lamps

Last term our work was linked to mining.  The children learnt about light and circuits in Science.  In the last week of term, they will be used this knowledge to design and make torches to allow them to see in our 'dark mine'.


In Art, the children used the work of The Pitmen Painters as inspiration for their own artwork.  The group of men were asked to paint things that were important to them; they painted things such as whippet racing, their wives and children and life in the mines. Following this idea, the children have produced artwork depicting things that are important to them using a range of medium.  They have chosen things such as family, special places and memorable toys.  The work forms an art gallery in our classroom. 

Spring - Allotment

The children designed and prepared their own healthy jacket potato filling.  They enjoyed this as part of a shared lunch.  The class also learnt about life cycles in science and land uses in Geography. In English, The children wrote their own version of the children's classic The Secret Garden.  


Autumn 2 - Frozen Kingdom

Autumn 1 - A Child's War

To start the year, Magpie Class learnt about WW2.  They prepared evacuee boxes, cooked WW2 meals and wrote letters home as evacuees.